How will iPhone 7 launch affect lineup pricing? Can SE go even cheaper?

Could the iPhone SE grab even cheaper along with the iPhone 7 launch?
When Apple launches a brand-new iPhone, it usually maintains pricing for the top models as the previous generation models grab fee reductions and possibly discontinued. It frequently bumps the oldest models from production entirely, keeping four to five models for sale including the brand-new flagships.

With the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus introduction, for example, Apple kept the iPhone 5s and an 8GB iPhone 5c about at reasonable prices. along with the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, it discontinued the 5c and kept the 6/Plus, 6s/Plus, and 5s at reasonable fee points until ultimately replacing the 5s along with the brand-new 4-inch iPhone SE in March.

But this year there are some questions regarding just what Apple will certainly do along with the iPhone lineup adhering to the iPhone 7 launch this fall. Reports of increased storage selections and a brand-new “Pro line” for iPhone 7 could adjustment Apple’s usual approach if true, not to mention the brand-new iPhone SE, now the only 4-inch device in the lineup, was a rare mid-year iPhone release earlier this year. 

Can iPhone SE grab even cheaper along with iPhone 7 launch? will certainly Apple sustain the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus around or discontinue those models while offering discounted 6s and 6s Plus models only?
Here’s just what the current iPhone pricing looks like:
iPhone SE (16GB/64GB)
iPhone 6/Plus (16GB/64GB)
iPhone 6s/Plus (16GB/64GB/128GB)
From $649-$749

At $400-$500, I believe the SE surely fills a gap as far as having a lower priced iPhone for enterprise, education and markets that don’t need to have actually the latest and greatest along with the iPhone 6 line. Yet just what happens As quickly as iPhone 7 bumps iPhone 6s and 6 pricing closer to SE’s territory and the gap feature-wise widens along with iPhone 7?
Currently the SE is only a slightly lower spec’d device compared to the flagship line. As Zac noted in his SE review, the device is no slouch in comparison to the iPhone 6s/6s Plus and mainly only lacks a few software features adore 3D Touch. Yet along with the iPhone 7, there will be a much bigger difference between the lone 4-inch, entry-level iPhone and the flagship line. 

If we follow Apple’s usual pattern, I’d assume the iPhone 7 replaces the 6s and 6s Plus at $649 and $749 starting prices, and those devices grab usual discounted pricing to $549-$649. Yet if it keeps the iPhone 6 and or 6 Plus about at prices even lower compared to that, they’ll be getting genuine close to cutting in to its SE market unless pricing for that device gets lower as well.

I believe that will certainly lead Apple to discontinue the 6/Plus entirely and sustain SE pricing the same, or discount both the SE and the 6/Plus lines. Ben previously discussed the potential of a $299 iPhone about the time the SE launched, which is most likely where the SE will certainly end up this fall if Apple goes ahead along with a fee reduction on its starting price. 

32GB base, 256GB option, ‘Pro’ line
A few points to consider: Apple is said to be dropping the 16GB model for iPhone 7 and starting along with a base 32GB model. There have actually additionally been rumors that the high-end devices in the lineup could come along with 256GB storage up from 128GB. And at least a couple alleged leaks have actually referred to just what could be a brand-new “Pro” line for iPhone 7, along with one alleged pricing leak claiming to prove to a Pro line carrying a $150 premium.

We’d chance that a bump up for storage capacity selections won’t mean fee raises to Apple’s normal iPhone pricing, Yet a ‘Pro’ line could potentially bring a brand-new tier in to Apple’s usual iPhone pricing if the rumors are true. 

A 4-inch iPhone 7 or iPhone SE 2?
Out of all the iPhone 7 rumors so far, not one has actually offered much chance to the suggestion that Apple may introduce a 4-inch model to the lineup. Apple of path merely reintroduced a line of 4-inch iPhones along with the iPhone SE in March after making the switch to 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch displays on its flagship lineup for the couple years prior to it. That was a rare mid-year iPhone introduction too, and it appears feasible Apple could sustain that device on its own release cycle divide from the iPhone 7 as its lower-priced iPhone.

It could, however, additionally make some tweaks to pricing and possibly the device itself in time for fall– along with brand-new storage selections for example– to make the SE fit in much more along with the rest of the lineup adhering to iPhone 7. Yet it’s still unclear if Apple plans to ditch 16GB models for merely iPhone 7, or possibly the SE and various other devices too.

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