PayPal to Discontinue Apps for Kindle, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone

PayPal recently proclaimed that it plans to drag support for its apps on the Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Amazon Kindle hearth mobile platforms, because the company doubles down on its new and updated apps for iOS and automaton (via CNET). Users on the 3 operative systems in question have till Gregorian calendar month thirty to access the PayPal app.

In the journal post saying the approaching sunset of PayPal's app on Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Kindle, the corporate mentions that on every platform users can still be able to access the money transferring service, through varied web browsers on PayPal's mobile net expertise. PayPal aforementioned it hopes this move can facilitate it place all its target "creating the highest experiences for our customers."

PayPal to Discontinue Apps for Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Kindle

It was a tough call to now not support the PayPal app on these mobile platforms, however we tend to believe it’s the correct factor to confirm we tend to ar investment our resources in making the highest experiences for our customers. we tend to stay committed to partnering with mobile device suppliers, and that we apologize for any inconvenience this could cause our customers.
In addition to web browsers, those with BlackBerry devices will still send peer-to-peer PayPal payments through the BlackBerry traveler app, and Outlook users will alter the PayPal add-in feature to deliver payments at intervals the e-mail consumer.

PayPal's announcement comes a couple of days when Microsoft confirmed the corporate is scaling back its mobile business. each Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices are during a last place competition behind automaton and iOS for the past few years, with Windows devices dropping from two.5 p.c of the worldwide smartphone market share in Q1 2015, to 0.7 p.c in Q1 2016. BlackBerry fell from associate already-miniscule zero.4 p.c to zero.2 p.c within the same timeframe.

The closing of the BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and Kindle hearth apps can permit PayPal to renew target its common iOS and automaton applications, that it hopes to "innovate and build enhancements" to because the digital payment landscape continues to evolve. within the same journal post, the corporate reminds customers that they'll have to be compelled to update to version vi.0 of the PayPal app [Direct Link] between Davis' Birthday and Gregorian calendar month thirty. The updated app includes a revived priority on causing and requesting cash together with a cleaner aesthetic.

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