Info: India Turns Down Apple's Request to Sell Used iPhones

In March, Apple submitted a proper request to the Indian government in relevancy commerce refurbished iPhones within the country. Today, however, Commerce and trade Minister Nirmala Sitharaman aforesaid that she is "not in favor" of acceptive that proposal (via The Economic Times).
On Apple's proposal to import refurbished phones and sell in Asian country, Sitharaman aforesaid,
India Turns Down Apple's Request to Sell Used iPhones

"We wouldn't be in favour of no matter you will decision them -- used however refashioned, remodelled, updated... used goods. we tend to don't seem to be in favour of transferral them here."
The decision comes simply days when the Indian government determined to not exempt Apple from a neighborhood rule requiring that thirty % of products sold  by foreign corporations be factory-made or created inside the country. Asian country last year exempted retailers commerce progressive product from the rule, prompting Apple to file a replacement application in hopes of gap single-branded retail stores in Asian country.

Apple is opportunist concerning increasing its presence in Asian country, wherever its market share is calculable to be solely around a pair of %. Apple business executive Tim Cook, UN agency visited Asian country earlier this month, aforesaid the country provides a "really nice opportunity" for growth, significantly when sales within the U.S. and China have slowed. Apple's revenue grew fifty six % in Asian country half-moon, passing the $1 billion mark for the primary time.

India has price-sensitive shoppers, however, thus Apple's inability to sell refurbished iPhones within the world's second most inhabited country could hinder it efforts to grow within the region. Cook has admitted that iPhones square measure too expensive in Asian country, compared to equivalent U.S. pricing, as a result of native tariffs.

"The duties and therefore the taxes and therefore the combining of these takes the worth and it makes it terribly high. Our profitableness is a smaller amount in Asian country, it's materially less — however still I acknowledge that costs square measure high," aforesaid Cook, in Associate in Nursing interview with Indian network NDTV. "We need to try to to things that lower that over time, to the degree that able to} … i would like the buyer in Asian country to be able to shop a value that appears just like the U.S. price."

At least for currently, those plans can ostensibly not involve the sale of refurbished iPhones.

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