Why Apple’s co-founder loves this Amazon device – CNBC

Fairly compared to navigating a complex app landscape, Wozniak claimed that as soon as he has actually a doubt or has to finish a task, he finds it much easier to merely chat it out loud to his Echo.

You can easily merely say, ‘Grab me an Uber,’ and it does … you can easily say, ‘Grab me some record towels,’ and if it understands your last order about Amazon, it orders it ideal there,” he said. Wozniak claimed he gotten his 2nd Echo by telling his initial Echo to “order me an Echo.”

Wozniak isn’t really the just individual delighted regarding the device. In December, Amazon claimed the Echo was the best-selling item around all of $100-plus items about Black Friday.

as soon as asked whether he’s an investor in Amazon, Wozniak said, “I do not do stocks,” adding, “I merely enjoy technology as soon as it’s practical with regard to people.”

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