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With the Pokémon Go release still mostly shrouded in mystery, individuals are starting to get hold of desperate for brand-new information. They hope to already know as soon as they can easily expect Nintendo and developer Niantic Labs to deliver the game. They’re curious concerning exactly how they’ll make their in-game Pokémon Trainer their own. Neither Nintendo nor Niantic appear prepared to give any kind of brand-new short article concerning Pokémon Go.

No worry though, for the second time we’re knowing a lot more concerning the Pokémon Go release thanks to leaked video footage. Pokémon Go is a game unlike exactly what we’ve seen from the franchise in the past. It’s not a third-individual role-playing game, though you do capture Pokémon to battle Along with and train. Instead, Pokémon Go takes place in the actual world. Using GPS, mapping technology and the camera built in to every smartphone, the game adds catchable Pokémon to actual globe spots and tasks you Along with finding them. Once you have actually discovered them, you’re able to include them to your group and defend landmarks and gyms from opposing teams.


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Here’s exactly what we’re knowing from this brand-new Pokémon Go gameplay video footage that we didn’t already know before.



You can easily Customize Your Pokémon Go Trainer’s Bodily Characteristics

Before we knew a lot of anything concerning Pokémon Go, we hoped that Niantic and Nintendo would certainly usage the game’s release to deliver some big upgrades to exactly how the franchise approaches characters. For years, the only real evolution for character creation in the Pokémon games was the decision to be a boy or a girl. Sometimes you felt adore you couldn’t truly make your Trainer, your Trainer.

You’ve never ever been able to go for your Trainer’s eye color or hair color. We’ve never ever had any kind of say in exactly what race our Trainer belongs to. That’s a thing of the past, though. Pokémon Go will certainly have actually granular character creation. You’ll have the ability to go for your character’s hair color, face and eyes. That’s along with name and gender.

You can easily Customize Your Pokémon Go Trainer’s Clothing

Beyond simply Bodily looks, Pokémon Go gamers can easily decide exactly what their Trainer is wearing. There are various hats, jackets and pants styles to go for from, Along with even shoes making it in as an optional change.

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Together Along with the brand-new Bodily characteristics, gear and clothing, Pokémon Go Trainers will certainly have actually the most choices ever allowed in the franchise. It’s a dream come real for a game that’s constantly toyed Along with role-playing game mechanics, yet never ever fully handed over every one of the choices gamers called for or wanted from a game in the genre.

Trainer Adjustments Surface in The Map

Other features leaked in the Pokémon Go gameplay video aren’t nearly as exciting, yet still fairly interesting.


Having customizable characters is exciting, yet only if Others gamers in the game are actually able to see the character that their friends have actually customized. For a couple of minutes in the Pokémon Go gameplay video, the user leaking the footage exists from the customization menu and in to the real-globe map that the game overlays creatures, gyms and events on. Very compared to simply prove to users in the map as a dot, the map shows each player’s customizable character inside the map.

Bag Inventory Limits Confirmed

It isn’t a role-playing game if you don’t collect items. Pokémon Go spots a massive emphasis on collectible items. PokéShops offer users the opportunity to snag items that they have to battle Others Trainers and evolve the creatures that they’ve captured. The leaked Pokémon Go gameplay video reveals that users will certainly have actually an inventory bag where they hold all the items that they’ve discovered or purchased from a PokéShop.

The video likewise confirms that they’ll be a optimum quantity of items that gamers are allowed to carry about Along with them at any kind of offered time, simply adore in the traditional games.

Players will certainly have actually to Encounter Creatures to include to their Pokédex

Finally, we have actually yet another game mechanic from the original collection confirmed Along with this brand-new Pokémon Go gameplay video. Nintendo and Niantic revealed in their official beta announcement that gamers would certainly have actually a Pokédex.


Pokemon Go

Now we already know that it’ll be empty at the begin of the game, forcing users to venture far and wide if they actually hope to fill it. The individual that recorded the video briefly gives a check out the Pokédex as they’re giving a tour of the game’s three main menus. At the start of the game, the Pokédex won’t look also exciting, yet as users progression they’ll have the ability to browse through the Pokédex and look through every one of the monsters that they’ve discovered in their travels.

Pokémon Go is already available to beta participants in Japan. It’ll launch in Others countries sometime in 2016, yet precisely exactly what day and month remains unclear. It’ll be free to download, Along with in-app purchases, simply adore every serious iPhone and Android game that’s popular these days.

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