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Apple has actually gone to fantastic lengths to make a electricity adapter that’s as sleek as its super-thin MacBooks. The adapters are slim white bricks, and regard the US versions, have actually pins that fold neatly away. Yet there’s simply one problem: as quickly as the adapter is plugged in, it sticks out from the electricity point by a lot more compared to 3 inches. That makes plugging in your MacBook challenging in tight spaces, adore the spine of a sofa, or behind a established of drawers.

Luckily, Apple gained the plugs regard its electricity adapter modular, meaning you can easily slip regard different plugs with various countries. A brand-new plug called Blockhead takes perk of that by pointing its pins at a 90-level position to the electricity brick. That suggests the brick is now parallel to the electricity point, placing it virtually flush versus a wall. Here’s exactly what that looks adore in action:


Blockhead is made by a business called 10 One Design. They’re selling one with $19.95 and 2 with $34.95. The plugs will certainly begin shipping in late April, according to 10 One’s website. They’ll job with all of MacBook chargers and 10W and 12W iPad chargers.

Blockhead isn’t the just clever electricity plug regard the market. In 2010, a student at the Royal College of Art made waves by designing a folding, three-pin electricity plug, the kind that’s made use of in the UK. That job ended up being a collection of products branded Mu, and it obtained rave reviews as quickly as it started shipping in 2012.

Those of you straining along with MacBooks in tight spots outside the Americas or Japan, however, can’t get hold of insight from Blockhead in solving the problem. It currently just comes in the two-pin, NEMA 1-15, configuration.

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