Steampunk Wizards Releases its First Paid Game for Apple TV … – Business Wire (press release)

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Steampunk Wizards, Inc. (OTCQB:SPWZ) (‘Company’ or ‘Steampunk Wizards’)
announced today that it has actually launched its very first paid game Neon Gliders, a
fast-paced dodge’em retro game, readily available for download from the AppStore
for $0.99.

Neon Gliders app is compatible along with iPhone, iPad, iPod and additionally Apple
TV. The 4th generation Apple TV and its powerful tvOS, is a
brand-new technology created by Apple to redefine user experiences, making
the TV feel as personal as the iPhone or iPad. Neon Gliders is among
the very first games currently compatible along with Apple TV and brings a
terrific gaming experience on the big screen. It is an endless runner
design game in which users should glide for as long as feasible devoid of
crashing in to various obstacles. To download Steampunk Wizards games

Joshua O’Cock, Steampunk Wizard’s CEO noted, “While our 3 previously
released games have actually established the Firm as a reputable gamer in the
industry, Neon Gliders is the very first paid game released by Steampunk
Wizards, opening up a brand-new revenue model for us. Furthermore, the release
of Neon Gliders for Apple TV proves that we are positioning ourselves at
the forefront of the industry and we are pushing technological
boundaries by showcasing our innovative capabilities as a game design

Additionally, the Firm is planning to release a brand-new game, its fifth
significant and second paid, a zombie survival driving game. This brand-new game
boasts terrific instinctive enjoyable gameplay and a actually exciting rock music
sound monitor in collaboration along with a few of Malta’s leading regional rock
bands. This game will certainly additionally be released along with a virtual honest truth (VR)
version – again, pushing technological boundaries in the game industry.

Mr. O’Cock continued, “We are functioning to build long term partnerships
along with game publishers along with tough distribution network, the 2 global and
regional. Our games have actually been well received about the world,
particularly in countries such as US, China, Russia, Brazil, Italy,
Spain, Germany and Malta. We are now prepared to grow our market share by
entering brand-new territories and bigger markets and by optimizing our
marketing campaigns and are searching for the right mobile game
publishing partners to join us on this exciting journey.”

About Steampunk Wizards, Inc.

Steampunk Wizards, Inc. is an independent games improvement and
technology Firm specialized in creating enchanting games and gaming
technology where the genuine and virtual worlds blur, along with headquarters in
Los Angeles, California. Publicly listed on the OTCQB under SPWZ, the
Firm owns the Bungee Mummy game franchise and has actually released four
games, Bungee Mummy: Reborn and Bungee Mummy: Challenges, the 2 from the
Bungee Mummy franchise, and a brand-new game, Whack a Geemie, a spin-off from
the franchise using a few of the a lot of popular characters and Neon
Gliders. every one of Steampunk Wizards games are readily available for free download
from iOS and Android.

For much more write-up Concerning the Company, or to play our games, visit our
website at


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includes risks. real outcomes could differ materially from those
predicted or implied. Factors that could induce or contribute to such
differences include, among others things, gamer interest in the game and
features, gamer interest in the mobile action strategy category, our
partnership and agreements along with platform providers, our ability to
launch future features for the game in a timely manner, our ability to
monetize the game and features effectively, the effectiveness of our
marketing program, our ability to implement brand-new game technology and
gamer reaction to this technology, our ability to look forward to and
treat technical challenges that could arise and competition. much more
write-up Concerning the risks Steampunk Wizards faces is included in some
of the reports we file along with the SEC, copies of which might be obtained at
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