Samsung’s S7 Edge is more refined, sophisticated –

Tarek Sabbagh, Head of IT and Mobile Division at Samsung Gulf Electronics of S7 and S7 edge throughout the launched at The Ritz Carlton.


Samsung has actually come out along with a beautiful smartphone as guaranteed — Galaxy S7 Edge — and it has actually slight improvements that are a whole lot much better over its predecessor — S6 Edge.

In 2014, S5 endured performance troubles and software bloat however had slight improvements in S6 however its battery drained heavily.

While there is no phone which is 100 per cent perfect however Samsung’s S7 is close to perfection so far this year however there are devices which are to be launched in the next couple of months — LG G5, Sony X Performance, HTC M10 and Apple iPhone 7.

At very first glance, the S7 Edge design looks similar to its predecessor along with its glass-backed casing rimmed by metal however it has actually managed to sneak in a few improvements on the design, enjoy the curved glass at rear, similar to Note 5, which makes it simpler to hold in the hand.

First, the spine camera bump barely protrudes as the device has actually become thicker because of the bigger battery inside.

The S7 Edge’s display has actually gone bigger to 5.5-inches compared to last year’s 5.1-inch display on S6 Edge however has actually the very same resolution, Quad HD (2560 x 1440) and Super AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode).

It is powered by 2.3GHz octa-core home-grown Exynos 8890 processor along with 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage capacity.

The welcome addition by Samsung is the microSD card slot in the SIM card tray (hybrid style) which supports up to 200GB and is now dust and water resistant, the only missing is the removable battery. It runs on latest Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow operating system. It weighs 157 grams.

Marshmallow additionally brings along with it a brand-new permission-handling way — permissions are granted on an app-by-app basis which provides an added degree of regulate to the user.

Samsung’s user interface — TouchWiz — on top of Android OS was a pain, as it customises heavily and loads unwanted software, which slows down the device and the performance. however Samsung has actually low its bloatware and customisation on S7, which is welcoming. Most of the needless animations and gimmicky interface are gone.

Pre-installed apps consist of Samsung’s own suite (Galaxy Apps, S Health, S Voice, Email, My Files, Voice Recorder, Samsung Gear and internet) plus Microsoft apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, OneNote and Skype). It’s worth noting that you can’t uninstall any type of of them however lots of can easily be disabled instead.

Despite the size, S7 Edge is simpler to hold and regulate along with a single hand as soon as compared to the same-sized iPhone 6S Plus.

Last year’s S6 Edge’s edge has actually no actual use, apart from the feature to store 5 phone numbers however this year’s model has actually some actual rewards that make it a even more compelling device.

Users can easily make nine panels enjoy main apps, task edge and phone numbers, and user-defined screens enjoy Yahoo news or CNN news.

There are 12 edge panels on the Samsung App Store for free and 10 a lot more paid panels that can easily be downloaded. The wider interface means you can easily have actually two columns of apps or shortcuts.

The Always-on display is practical for people to see the notification icons, battery life and time free of turning the device on, thus saving battery life. This is nothing new, Nokia and Motorola smartphones had a similar feature for years.

If you expect to view Gmail, Facebook alert icons, WhatsApp, third-celebration email or others messages using the always-on display feature, you’re going to be disappointed. It can easily be turned off additionally for people that grab distracted by the movement of the screen. It’s nice to have actually and didn’t noticeably deplete battery life, however is hardly essential. For me, it was a gimmicky feature along with no actual use.

Overall performance on the S7 is fast. Apps open quickly, and multitasking by switching between open apps is smooth.

Samsung’s My Knox service is installed, a software suite by Samsung to make a secure environment for private data and apps.

The camera is where S7 excels over iPhone, which is considered so far as the very best in the market.

Samsung has actually 12MP Dual Pixel Sensor featuring optical image stabilisation and an aperture of f/1.7. Samsung actually toned down the resolution of the camera sensor from last year’s 16MP sensor on S6.

There are lots of mid-range devices in the market which can easily take terrific snaps in bright daylight however suffers in lowlight conditions.

The Dual Pixel Sensor technology, used in DSLR cameras, is used for the very first time on a smartphone. Exactly what it does is that it uses all of the pixels to concentrate on an object swiftly and accurately while capturing a lot more light, overall boosting lowlight photography, similar to the human eye.

Focusing along with the S7 camera is quite fast, especially for shooting something as soon as possible. It is faster compared to the most up to date iPhones.

The bigger 1.4um pixel size and quite wide f/1.7 aperture make for terrific lowlight conditions as the wide aperture lets in a great deal of light.

S7 delivers 25 per cent a lot more light to the sensor compared to last year’s S6. a lot more light means faster shutter speeds and sharper pictures along with much less noise, which leads to a lot more detailed photos.

Samsung’s default camera app doesn’t have actually manual aperture regulate and you should install third-celebration camera app.

The snaps taken, even in lowlight, are crisper and detailed. You can easily shoot in RAW for ‘proper’ photos that you can easily manipulate later, and the ‘Pro’ mode has actually a decent quantity of options, so you can easily opt for Exactly what the picture will certainly look enjoy in terms of focal length and tone.

Samsung has actually added ‘Motion photo’ to capture a quite short video prior to taking a photo, similar to Live Photo on iPhone.

The 5MP selfie camera along with f/1.7 aperture is slightly disappointing in lowlight conditions. It produces quite soft images that lack great detail and tone, even free of the various beauty modes on. In front camera mode, iPhone 6S excels.

The S7 shots had much better focus while the iPhone pictures looked a lot more natural.

The S7 Edge now has actually a quite similar ‘screen flash’ way of illuminating faces in the front-facing camera to the iPhone.

The S7 can easily shoot videos at 4K (2160p) resolution at 30 frames per second (fps). It can easily Tape slow-moving motion at 240fps at 720p, shoot HDR video and simultaneously Tape 4K video while capturing 9MP still images.

There are a bunch of various camera modes to opt for from. There’s additionally Selective focus, Video Collage, Live broadcast, Hyperlapse, Meals and Virtual shot to name most of them, plus you can easily download more.

Regarding connectivity, it has actually 4G LTE feline 9 (download speeds of up to 450 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 50 Mbps), dual-band 11ac WiFi, Bluetooth 4.2 LE, USB 2.0, GPS and NFC.

Samsung has actually opted to stick along with the tried-and-tested micro USB 2.0 for charging/data transfer purposes, rather than the USB Type-C port.

Its next-generation Vulkan API is terrific for gaming and Samsung has actually launched a ‘Game Tools” to offer a button that floats over the top of the game screen which helps mute and hide alerts, save energy throughout gameplay (locking frame fee at 30 frames per second) to allow distraction-free enjoyment and screen capture gameplay recording, however lacks an option for live streaming. all of the games are stored in one place — Game Launcher — and users can easily Tape the game, take screenshots and share them along with friends. Playing Rayman Adventures, Relic Run, Marvel: Contest of Champions, was a breeze along with no lags.

The 3,600 mAh battery compared to 2,600mAh on S6 Edge gave 18 hours of video playback and close to 23 hours on 3G network coupled along with calls, camera and web browsing. It’s most likely you’ll should charge it every night depending on the usage for heavy users however for moderate users, it lasts close to two days.

Overall, the battery life is terrific and along with the newly-introduced Doze mode by Marshmallow, it is considerably better. Samsung has actually the usual ultra-mode saving features to extend battery life. You’ll additionally discover wireless charging at the rear of the phone.

The device is priced at Dh2,799 and Samsung has actually launched “Galaxy Entertainer” app in partnership along with the Entertainer by offering a lot more compared to 1,000 ‘buy one grab one free’ offers across the globe along with over Dh390,000 worth of savings plus a 128GB microSD card free along with every purchase.


• Beautiful display

• Fast performance

• terrific camera

• Good battery life

• MicroSD slot and waterproof


• Fingerprint magnet

• TouchWiz calls for great tuning

• Mono speaker

• No infrared blaster

• No USB Type-C port

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