Purported packaging leak claims to confirm ‘iPhone SE’ name, NFC for Apple’s new 4″ iPhone – Apple Insider


Nefarious offer chain personnel in China appear to have actually when again defied their non-disclosure agreements, snapping just what is said to be an image of the specifications sticker affixed to the box for Apple’s iPhone 5c successor.

According to the sticker, Apple will certainly shed the “5” from the brand-new handset’s name, sticking rather along with “iPhone SE.” The device will certainly be readily available in a 16-gigabyte capacity and carry an NFC chip for Apple Pay support.

In divide posts, the leaker intimates that the iPhone SE will certainly additionally be readily available in a 64-gigabyte configuration, along with four color options — presumably silver, area gray, gold, and flower gold. The tipster additionally wrote that the general create of the iPhone SE is like the iPhone 6s, which fulfills up along with many previous predictions.

Other compared to the dimension and total design, however, quite little guide concerning Apple’s upcoming little iPhone has actually leaked. Analysts are split on whether the device will certainly run the A9 chip or an older variant, and while there is some evidence to suggest that the iPhone SE might carry a 4K-capable camera, that remains much from certain.

For those that are interested, one video posted to Chinese video sharing site Youku shows just what appears to be an iPhone 5s transposed in to a smaller sized iPhone 6-design body, giving a great pointer of just what the brand-new handset could look like. The makers of the video reiterate the speculation of an included A9, though due to the fact that the device is not legitimate that guide might not be either.

The mystery will certainly be cleared up in much less compared to a week as soon as Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone SE — along along with a brand-new iPad Air — at an event in Cupertino.

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