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When will certainly the next MacBook Pro for 2016 come out? The Pro line-up is due for an update, isn’t it?

We believe there could be brand-new MacBook Pro models rather soon. There are two dimensions of MacBook Pro models available from Apple right now: a 13in model, which was last updated in March 2015, and a 15in model, last updated in Might 2015. So yes, we do expect that Apple will certainly update these models in the near future – possibly at its (now-confirmed) 21 March launch event. You’ll discover every little thing there is to understand so far concerning brand-new MacBook Pro 2016 models in this release date, specs and features rumour round-up.

MacBook Pro 2016 release date: As soon as is the brand-new MacBook Pro coming out?

Update, 11 March 2016: Apple launch incoming! The invites have actually gone out for a keynote press event on 21 March, as has actually been expected for a few weeks. The event will certainly begin at 5pm on the evening of Monday 21 March.

Apple's 21 March iPhone SE launch event inviteApple's 21 March iPhone SE launch event invite

Will there be brand-new MacBook Pros at this launch event? It’s a possibility: Apple regularly launches brand-new laptops at this time of year, and the 13in MacBook Pro model was last updated a year ago. (The 15in version is slightly younger.) Yet there aren’t any type of tips in the invite to suggest laptop-related announcements – if you take pleasure in decoding Apple’s cryptic invites, take a consider our rundown of the 14 most mysterious Apple invitations – and we’ve been obtaining the sense lately that Apple is attempting to play down expectations on the Mac front.

Perhaps there will certainly be a divide Mac event shortly after; perhaps we will certainly have actually to wait until WWDC in June. We chance to be wrong, however: it would certainly be nice to get hold of some brand-new Macs on the 21 March.

We do expect the iPhone SE and the iPad Air 3 on the 21 March, also as – partly suggested by the phrase ‘Let us loop you in’ – updates related to the Apple Watch. New Apple Watch bands are a tough possibility. Yet to discover out more, you’ll should follow the announcements on the night…

MacBook Pro 2016 rumours: exactly how to watch Apple’s 21 March launch event live stream

Apple will certainly stream its 21 March launch event live, and it starts at 10am PDT, which (due to complications due to daylight savings time) translates to 5pm UK time. (That’s 5pm, not 6pm as we said previously!) We expect to hear several iPhone SE-related announcements, Yet there could be some Mac news as well – it’s the MacBook time of year, after all.

You can easily watch the launch event live on Apple’s website, on an iPad or iPhone, on a Mac, on an Apple TV, or on a PC.

If you’re on an iPad or iPhone, you’ll should view that page in Safari on a device operating iOS 4.2 or later.

If you’re on a Mac, you’ll should view that page in Safari 4 or later on a system operating OS X 10.6 or later.

If you’re on Apple TV, it’ll should be a second- or third-generation model along with tvOS 5.0.2 or later.

Finally, Apple is allowing PC users to stream the event for the very first time. If you’ve got Windows 10 you’ll have the ability to stream the event on that site by using the Edge browser; we already know that those on earlier versions of Windows will certainly likewise have the ability to watch the event, Yet they will certainly should use VLC or a similar media user app. Apple likewise states that Windows users will certainly require QuickTime 7.

For much more on this, examine our write-up explaining How to watch the iPhone SE launch event live, which will certainly likewise feature our liveblog, offering expert analysis of the announcements as they come. We’ll get hold of past the hype and company statements to tell you exactly what the announcements really mean for you.

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Podcast: exactly what to expect from Apple’s 21 March launch event

If you’d quite listen to us talk concerning most likely announcements on Monday night quite compared to read concerning them, you’re in luck.

On 18 March, the UK Tech Weekly Podcast talked about the opportunities of brand-new Macs making an appearance at Monday’s Apple press event (among pretty a bit of others vaguely tech-related nonsense). If you’d love to listen in, the Apple segment begins at 28:45.

The UK Tech Weekly Podcast comes out every Friday. You can easily subscribe for routine updates, and remember to love and comment on the podcast if you enjoyed it, or have actually assistance for topics we can easily discuss in future.

MacBook Pro 2016 specs & hardware: exactly what brand-new features along with the brand-new MacBook Pro have?

The brand-new MacBook Pro models are most likely to feature Skylake processors, the new, sixth generation chips by Intel. Right now, none of Apple’s MacBooks offer Skylake so it’s highly most likely that Apple plans to manage this soon. Skylake will certainly bring substantial performance gains to the brand-new MacBook Pro, too, making it an even faster machine.

Competitors including HP, Dell and Microsoft have actually already moved to Skylake, so Apple is start to look love it’s trailing behind.

Skylake could enhance battery life, too, functioning along with El Capitan to enhance efficiency. The 13in Retina MacBook Pro already offers 10 hours of battery life and the 15in model offers 8 hours, Yet we’d love to see that enhance to fulfill the 12 and 9 hours offered by the MacBook Air.

The 15in models of the MacBook Pro currently offer quad-core i7 processors, which means they compare quite favourably along with the 27in iMacs. We chance that the 2016 model maintains these quad-core processors, Yet As soon as the Mac mini was updated in October of 2014 it lost its quad-core processor options, which could spell the exact same fate for the MacBook Pro.

One MacBook Pro rumour doing the rounds goes as far as to say that the 2016 models will certainly have actually a touchscreen, and that it may even be detachable from the screen much love the Surface Book. We’d be quite surprised if this rumour is true, Yet anything’s possible.

In fact, we’re not expecting the design of the MacBook Pro to adjustment much, if at all. It’s feasible that a gold model will certainly be launched, Yet Apple may reserve that for the 12in MacBook, which could likewise see an update in March.

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