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When is the brand-new MacBook Air for 2016 coming out? Exactly what brand-new features will certainly the brand-new MacBook Air have?

Apple last updated its MacBook Air in March of 2016 along with a spec boost, we had been convinced that Apple was regarding to offer the laptop a Retina display. Instead, it launched a brand-brand-new MacBook line that’s super-thin, super-light and does offer that high-resolution display, however does that mean Apple won’t boost the MacBook Air along with a Retina display in the future? In this post we investigate the tips and clues pointing to an imminent MacBook Air update: including release date, specs & rumoured brand-new features.

New MacBook Air 2016 rumours: MacBook Air UK release date

Apple hosted a special event on 21 March 2016, so ahead of the event we had naturally expected brand-new MacBook Air and MacBook models. After all, the Spring event represented one year due to the fact that the 2 were last updated (or one year due to the fact that it was very first launched in the MacBook’s case) and prior to that brand-new Air models arrived in April of 2014. however instead, Apple used the event to prove to off the iPhone SE and the iPad Pro along with 9.7in screen.

We originally expected the MacBook Air to be updated along with a Retina display on 9 March 2015 at Apple’s Spring Forward event. And were fairly surprised As soon as we got something else: a Retina MacBook, yes, however one along with a 12in display and a USB-C port (and quite few others ports), a brand-new strand of products for Apple’s MacBook laptop line-up.

Less glamorously, Apple’s MacBook Air did grab an update at the same time, along with new, faster processors, faster flash storage and much better graphics, but the screen and overall design remained the same. Still no Retina display for the Air line.

That left us wondering Exactly what Apple’s plans are for the future of its MacBook line-up. We think the company intends to replace the MacBook Air along with the brand-new MacBook eventually, however the MacBook Air could stay portion of the line-up for some time yet, and could still grab an upgrade to the Retina display As soon as it’s refreshed in 2016.

But As soon as is it going to be refreshed? Now that the March event has actually been and gone we expect Apple to wait for WWDC 2016 in June, or possibly sneak in an update prior to after that free of going to the trouble of hosting an event.

In late November 2015, a report from the Economic Everyday News suggests that the MacBook Air will certainly see a considerable update in 2016. The report suggests that the update to the MacBook Air could not arrive until WWDC in June, which will certainly be much more compared to a year after Apple last updated the MacBook Air. According to the report, the brand-new MacBook Air models are expected to come out in the third quarter of next year, which suggests that there could be a wait after the June unveiling.

The Economic Everyday News report notes that it’s been eight years due to the fact that the MacBook Air launched and it’s not been redesigned in that time, suggesting that time is ripe for a makeover, or perhaps it’ll be discontinued forever in favour of the brand-new MacBook.

We’ll update this post once we understand more.

New MacBook Air 2016 release date rumoursNew MacBook Air 2016 release date rumours

New MacBook Air 2016 rumours: Price

The last time that there was a Mac laptop that had much more advanced specs compared to a much more expensive model was the old MacBooks (aluminium, after that white and black, then eventually aluminum again). These older MacBook models were eventually discontinued and the Fee of the MacBook Air was low to make it the brand-new entry degree (As soon as the MacBook Air initially launched it was fairly overpriced for the specs, merely adore the most up to date Retina MacBook).

It appears most likely that the same will certainly happen along with the brand-new MacBook models eventually replacing the MacBook Airs, at a lower price, however for now that appears a long method off.

The Economic Everyday News report suggests the brand-new MacBook Air will certainly cost much more compared to it does currently As soon as it does launch. The 11in MacBook Air starts at £749, while the entry degree 13in model costs £849.

If the 11in MacBook Air is removed from the line up perhaps the cost of entry of the 13in model will certainly reduce to the degree that the 11in model is currently, along with a rumoured 15in model coming in at a greater price.

New MacBook Air 2016 rumours: Dimensions 

If Apple does update the MacBook Air range, Exactly what dimensions ought to we expect?

New MacBook Air 2016 release date rumoursNew MacBook Air 2016 release date rumours

As specified above, rumours suggest that the 11in MacBook Air will certainly be discontinued, after all, the 11in MacBook Air is the 2 smaller sized compared to the MacBook and the brand-new iPad Pro.

However, 9to5Mac points out that the brand-new 13in and 15in MacBook Air models could be additional dimensions to the MacBook range. That site predicts that some time in 2016 or 2017 we will certainly have actually merely two ranges of Mac laptops: the MacBook at the ultraportable level, and the much more advanced MacBook Pro. Maybe the 17in MacBook Pro will certainly make a comeback too, along with a 4K display.

New MacBook Air 2016 rumours: Specs & brand-new features

These brand-new MacBook Air models are said to be thinner and lighter, along with internal spec enhancements. Apparently, the brand-new MacBook Air will certainly feature brand-new batteries, cooling modules, and chassis, according to the Economic Everyday News.

We additionally expect to see USB Type-C across the range, especially now that Intel has actually integrated Thunderbolt 3 in to USB-C.

The next-generation MacBook Air is additionally most likely to feature Intel Skylake processors, as well as graphics and RAM upgrades.

New MacBook Air 2016 rumours: Retina display

The tip that the MacBook Air will certainly feature a Retina display has actually been long operating however those rumours were prior to the launch of the 12in Retina MacBook and the iPad Pro – suggesting the signtings of the Retina display some believed was destined for the MacBook Air was As an alternative for these models.

Does this mean that there will certainly be no Retina display on the brand-new MacBook Air As soon as (or if) it launches. If Apple wishes to maintain the Fee down maybe not. Or perhaps the newly rumoured 15in Macbook Air will certainly feature a Retina display, while the 13in model will certainly lack the higher res display, however come in at a lower price, one similar to the most up to date Fee of the 11in MacBook Air.

New MacBook Air 2016 rumours: Touch ID and Force Touch

New MacBook Air 2016 rumours: Force TouchNew MacBook Air 2016 rumours: Force Touch

There are additionally reports to suggest that it’ll boast Touch ID within its Trackpad, which could additionally grab the Force Touch upgrade that was offered to the 13in MacBook Pro on 9 March, and comes along with the brand-new MacBook.

Touch ID is the fingerprint sensor that’s built-in to the Residence button of the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It’s additionally used to make Apple Pay much more secure.

According to an Independent report, Touch ID for the Mac line would certainly require a dedicated chip to be built in to the device.

The rumour started along with Taiwanese blog AppleCorner, which cited sources in the supply chain. Apparently the Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad could grab a biometric update too, enabling users to make Apple Pay payments on the web, however the 2 those accessories were updated alongside the launch of a new 4K iMac so that appears unlikely to happen any sort of time soon. 

New MacBook Air 2016 rumours: will certainly the MacBook Air be discontinued?

With the advent of the 12in MacBook and the brand-new 12.9in iPad Pro, it’s no surprise that rumourmongers are starting to predict that the 11in MacBook Air, along with a smaller sized screen compared to either of those devices, will certainly be discontinued. The iPad Pro could indeed be viewed by Apple as a substitute for the 11in MacBook Air if Apple CEO Tim Cook’s comments to the Telegraph are taken in to account (published on 1 December 2015). 

Following the launch of the iPad Pro, Cook told the Telegraph: “I believe if you’re looking at a PC, why would certainly you buy a PC any sort of more? No really, why would certainly you buy one?

“Yes, the iPad Pro is a substitute for a notebook or a desktop for many, numerous people. They will certainly start using it and conclude they no longer should use anything else, others compared to their phones.”

However, ought to Apple discontinue the 11in MacBook Air, it does remove the lower Fee of entry from the line-up.

It could not merely be the 11in MacBook Air that is discontinued. As soon as the brand-new MacBook launched on 9 March 2015, analysts began to suspect that the MacBook Air may not be about for much longer.

“This wasn’t the MacBook Air, however As an alternative leaped past the Air,” said Jan Dawson, chief analyst at Jackdaw Research. “They kept the MacBook Air about merely as they do along with older iPhones, however the MacBook is now in the same placement as the newest iPhone. That makes me wonder if the Air will certainly go away over time.”

Carolina Milanesi, chief of research and head of US business for Kantar WorldPanel Comtech, additionally predicted a contraction of Apple’s line-up. “all of [notebooks] should be much more mobile, so something adore the Air doesn’t should be branched out anymore,” she said of the differenciation Apple gained for the line due to the fact that its introduction much more compared to eight years ago. “And it’s to Apple’s benefit not to have actually so numerous ‘families’ of Macs.”

Over time, it appears most likely that the MacBook Air range could be discontinued and eventually replaced by a Retina MacBook range at a lower price.

We’ll be updating this post as much more short article regarding the rumoured Retina MacBook Air emerges so check spine from time to time for the current news.

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