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Tim Cook and his top lieutenants were on stage this morning to introduce Apple’s latest and greatest technologies.

Apple turns 40 on April 1, and now has actually over 1 billion Apple devices in use worldwide, a figure that is sure to quickly grow follow today’s product launches.

The short details are below, along with a ‘live blog’ style documentation of the 1 hour long event below – an event which you can easily watch in full at Apple here.

New iPhone

iPhone SE – Brand-new 4-inch iPhone that takes the iPhone 5S form factor and gives it iPhone 6S internals, from the A9 processor to the 12 megapixel camera, from 50% faster 4G LTE compared to the 5s to 802.11AC wireless that’s three times faster compared to the 5S.

In the US, prices start at US $399 for the 16GB model, which is AUD $679 in Australia. The 64GB model is $499 in the US and $829 in Australia.

Full details of the iPhone SE can be seen here at Apple’s site and there’s plenty much more below.

New iPad Pro

Then there’s the Brand-new 9.7-inch iPad Pro. Full detail here, however the iPad Pro now comes in two sizes, the 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch sizes.

The 9.7-inch iPad Pro is effectively a smaller sized version of the 12.9-inch model, however comes along with a screen that automatically adjusts the colours and colour temperature you see on screen depending on the ambient light about it for a much more natural viewing experience.

You can easily watch the Brand-new iPad Pro video here, along with Apple going on a full anti-Windows offensive, promoting the 9.7-inch iPad as vastly much more capable compared to most Windows laptops, lots of of which are over 5 years old.

Apple is additionally promoting the iPad Pro as the ultimate iPad upgrade – there could well be a massive resurgence in iPad sales in 2016.

Both iPad Pro models are additionally now available in a 256GB configuration – the very first time any Apple iDevice has actually come in such a large capacity, and something which presages the iPhone 7 range due later this year will certainly have actually the same offering.

US Prices start at $599 for the 32GB model, $749 for the 128GB model and $899 for the Brand-new 256GB model.

The iPad Pro 12.9-inch along with 256GB storage is from $1099 in the US. Presumably these are all the Wi-Fi models.

In Australia, the 9.7-inch iPad Pro starts at $899 for the 32GB model, $1149 for the 128GB model and $1399 for the 256GB model. These are the Wi-Fi models.

The Wi-Fi + Cellular models in Australia cost $1099 for the 32GB model, $1349 for the 128GB model and $1599 for the 256GB model.

For the iPad Pro 12.9-inch model, the 256GB along with Wi-Fi model is $1749, while the Wi-Fi + Cellular model is $1949.

Apple Watch

Great Brand-new bands, Brand-new colours and a new, lower price – the Apple Watch now starts at US $299, which in Australia is from $429.

New tvOS and iOS 9.3

Both are available to download today, and both offer awesome Brand-new features that Apple TV and iPhone owners will certainly wish to download when possible. 80% of compatible iDevices are now operating iOS 9, compared along with 2% of Android devices operating Android 6.

There’s much, more detail from Apple’s keynote presentation today, including Brand-new CareKit information, it is presented to you below in ‘live-blog’ format – please read on and enjoy, and if you wish to watch the keynote for yourself, you can easily do so here

The Apple Keynote Live Blog is below, please read on!

Apple turns 40 on April 1

Over 1 billion Apple devices in use worldwide

Apple grateful over support versus government intrusion – ‘at odds along with our own government’. We have actually a responsibility to tips you protect your data and your privacy – we owe it to our customers and our country.

We will certainly not shrink from this responsibility

Apple desires to leave the globe in a much better place compared to it found it. Two initiatives.

Lisa Jackson from Apple coming up to talk concerning the environment.

Environment = innovation.

No higher challenge compared to our changing climate. Apple’s goal from two years ago – to become 100% renewable in 100% of its operations worldwide. All offices, all retail stores and every data centre.

Two years later, they are 93% operating on renewable energy worldwide.

Using 100% of renewable power in the US and offices and stores in China and 23 countries worldwide.

In Sichuan province China, they built a 40 megawatt solar farm free of disturbing yaks. That solar project is making 34 retail stores and 19 offices in China.

In Singapore – solar arrays on much more compared to 800 rooftops will certainly cover electricity use in offices and future stores in Singapore.

100% of data centres are powered by clean sources of energy – the sun, wind and water.

Think just what that means – every time you send an iMessage, or make a FaceTime video call or asking Siri a messages – you can easily feel actually good concerning your impact on the environment.

Paper – like energy – can easily be renewed. 99% of paper used in packaging is recycled or coming from sustainably managed forests. Apple is moving to ‘all paper packaging’/

Preserved over 36,000 acres of Forest in the US and enhancing the management of over 1m acres in China.

Re-use and Recycling. Apple has actually worked hard to ensure its products don’t end up in landfall. They are re-used, that’s why Apple used its products to last. Most phones are re-used, including those from trade-up and upgrade programs.

But eventually points should be recycled. Apple says it has actually put a lot of energy in to thinking concerning products at every stage of its lifecycle.

Apple has actually ‘Liam’ – which deconstructs the iPhone – sections detected, remove and separated, so components inside those sections can easily be repurposed. Rescue cobalt and lithium, gold, silver and much more from camera and logic board, so the metals within can easily live on.

Apple says there is no others machine on the planet that can easily do just what Liam can easily do.

Liam separates the iPhone in to its components, which spares natural resources. Apple has actually a Liam video.

Apple desires to use these metals in its own products. along with Apple Renew you can easily recycle your devices in a method that’s safe for your data and safe for the planet – take them in to an apple retail store, or send them to to print a pre-paid mailing label.

Apple says it has actually more to do and promises to maintain us updated along the way.

Tim Cook: The second initiative is health. Jeff Williams is coming on stage to talk much more concerning ResearchKit.

The goal was to use tech to solve some of the biggest issues solving medical research. Get hold of energetic and frequent data from the devices in our hands.

Tens of thousands of people signed up to programs, making some the biggest research programs in history – like Parkinsons.

Asthma causes were found in all 50 states. Insights have actually been found that haven’t been discovered before.

Subtypes of Type 2 Diabetes have actually been found.

Some of the world’s most respected research institutions have actually started ResearchKit projects.

A video is showing us much more information.

Epiwatch app the very first for epilepsy seizures – they’re attempting to build an epilepsy seizure detector.

Jeff: As soon as Apple introduced ResearchKit, Apple wanted to advance medical research, and they believed they were largely done, however Apple realised it can easily tips people along with patient care, too.

Empowering people along with data concerning their healthiness is incredibly important, so today Apple is launching CareKit.

CareKit is a framework to build apps to empower people to achieve much better care. Parkinson’s patients are the very first to benefit from CareKit and individualised treatments.

Surgery is an additional example. We go from being monitored from a group of highly trained specialists to being discharged along with a sheet of paper – points to do, not to do etc – and adherence to that sheet of paper is poor.

Working along with Texas Medical Cetnre, they have actually an app that has actually a CareCard – a list of points to do every day. Tape-record info in the symptom and measurement tracker. You can easily share the write-up along with your loved ones, and you can easily share that info along with your physician – and they can easily dynamically update your care plan.

Those are simply two examples of CareKit apps – there are others coming, and the chances are limitless.

A word concerning privacy – you decide which apps you use and along with whom you share this information. Like ResearchKit, CareKit is open source and it is available in April.

Back to Tim.

It’s amazing that in such a short period of time, ResearchKit has actually had such a broad impact on research, and Tim hopes CareKit has actually the same impact on patients enhancing their care.

Now Apple watch – now the top selling smartwatch in the world. Customers love it – #1 in customer sat. The watch has actually become an vital section of their everyday lives.

Track activity, regulate calendar, navigate along with maps, Get hold of up to the minute along with sports scores and news.

People love changing the bands. concerning a third of Apple Watch wearers regularly modification their bands.

New band colours and a Brand-new material – a Brand-new woven nylon band which features a unique four layer construction, a variety of vibrant colours. Brand-new sport and leather bands in various colours and a black Milanese band.

Apple desires much more people to take pleasure in Apple Watch. Apple Watch now starting at simply $299 US.

That’s the Apple Watch update.

Now Apple TV – bringing all Brand-new capabilities to the biggest screen in your house. Tim says people are loving the App Store and Siri remote.

Tim claims the largest sales ever for Apple TV after the newest Apple TV launch.

There are now 5000 apps on the Apple TV app store. Amazing content apps – HBO Now, NCAA March Madness live (basketball) – watch two live games simultaneously – exclusive to Apple TV. A bunch of games to pick from. additionally a wide variety of others apps – like Solar Walk 2 – turns your living room in to a planetarium. Brain pop – education for kids. Grubhub – Get hold of meals delivered to you. Inner Strength for physical exercise – and more is coming.

With Siri – you can easily ask for something excellent to watch like ‘reveal me movies along with Kevin Hart’. In looking for a movie or TV show, Siri searches through the popular apps so you don’t have actually to.

But others excellent features are coming to Apple TV – folders so you can easily organise your apps on your house screen simply like you want to. Dictation – you can easily now use your voice to enter text on the screen – including usernames and passwords. Plus Siri for the App Store – you can easily ask for any app or any kind of app.

Now you can easily access your entire photo collection including free Live Photos via Siri – on a free update available today.

iPhone – the most loved smartphone in the world. Greg Joswiak is now on stage to talk concerning the Brand-new iPhone. A smaller sized iPhone.

4-inch iPhones – over 30 million were sold ‘over the last year’ in 2015.

Why are people buying 4-inch iPhones?

For some people, they just love smaller sized phones. They want the most compact iPhone design. For a lot of customers, it’s their very first iPhone, whether they’re switching from Android or its their very first iPhone.

In China, for many, it’s their very first iPhone. Some people asked, some people pleaded to ‘please maintain the 4-inch’ iPhone in their lineup.

It’s being called, as predicted, the iPhone SE.

Aluminium design – rose gold complete option.

The most powerful 4-inch phone ever. Incredibly powerful – makes it even much better to do the points Apple customers wish to do including playing incredible graphical games.

It has actually the Apple A9 chip and M9 co-processor – the same performance as the iPhone 6s – nearly double the speed of the iPhone 5s. The same graphics performance as the iPhone 6s, nearly 3x faster compared to the 5s.

The M9 processor is constantly on, so you can easily monitor your fitness all day – however you can easily additionally use the Hey Siri command which is constantly on too.

People love taking photos along with their iPhones – so it has actually Apple’s most advanced camera system – 12 megapixel iSight camera along with focus pixels and Trutone flash. Improvements to video, slo-mo, time-lapse and photos.

It can easily additionally capture Live Photos – your still photos come to life.

The front facing camera additionally has actually the Retina Flash – the display is made three times brighter compared to normal.

You can easily even capture 4K video – edit up to two simultaneous streams of 4K video right on the iPhone SE. And 4G LTE speeds that are 50% faster compared to the iPhone 5S.

Voice over LTE is additionally included, as is 802.11AC – three times faster compared to the iPhone 5S.

Touch ID is included, as is Apple Pay – along with NFC and a secure element being included.

3 million cards were added in China to Apple Pay in the very first 72 hours alone.

iPhone 5S is additionally highly recyclable.

Apple says this is now the most powerful 4-inch phone ever.

The price will certainly start at US $399 for the 16GB model – ’the most affordable iPhone’ ever released. $499 for 64GB model. Free on a 2 year strategy or from $17 the month free of a service contract.

Orders from March 24, available from March 31. much more compared to 110 countries by the end of May, however Australia is on the very first release list.

But there’s more.

iOS – the most advanced mobile OS in the world. iOS 9 operating on 80% of Apple’s energetic devices – compared along with Android 6 operating on 2% of Google’s energetic devices.

iOS 9.3 – Brand-new innovations and improvements. Night Shift – exposure to blue light in the evening can easily make it harder for you to fall at sleep at the end of the night. Night Shift moves the colours to the warmer end of the spectrum which Could make it much easier for you to sleep at night, reducing the blue light.

Notes – one of the most used apps on iOS – by hundreds of millions of people every day. Today you can easily further protect your most personal notes along with a passcode or fingerprint.

Health – a quick and easy dashboard to healthiness and fitness data. over 2500 apps offer data in to the healthiness app. excellent app help have actually been added.

News – has actually become the source of news for 50 million energetic users. In iOS 9 – top stories are being added, along with trending topics and editor’s picks added.

Car Play – Every major Auto brand has actually committed to introducing Auto play in to their cars. iOS 9.3 adds much more features to Auto Play – much better music support, much better maps.

Education – iPads in the classroom is much easier and much more powerful. Education Preview is a preview of Brand-new capabilities for students, teachers and administrators.

That’s simply some of the highlights of iOS 9.3 – and available as a free update today.

Tim Cook Spine on stage – a excellent update to iOS – and I’m incredibly excited concerning iPhone SE – and he thinks customers are actually going to love it.

iPad – the perfect expression of the future of personal computing. A giant leap along with the iPad Pro. lots of people are telling Apple the iPad Pro has actually become their primary computing device.

Phil Schiller now on stage to talk iPad. Customers actually have actually fallen in love along with the iPad Pro – the huge Retina display, the pencil, the speakers and more.

John Lasseter – CEO of Pixar. The iPad Pro and Apple Pencil are the closest we’ve been able to Get hold of in the digital globe to drawing on paper.’

Two others quotes were shown that I didn’t have actually time to type.

Now we are being introduced to the second member of the iPad Pro family – and entirely Brand-new iPad Pro based on the 9.7-inch screen size.

Why make a smaller sized iPad Pro?

First, iPad was started along with a 9.7-inch display. people love the size and from the beginning, 9.7-inch iPads are the most popular size – over 200 million iPads sold along with this display.

This is being positioned as ‘the ultimate upgrade.’

Windows users are additionally being targeted – lots of Windows PC users are coming to iPad Pro

Over 600 million PCs in use today that are over 5 years old – Phil says ‘this is actually sad’. These people, he says, could actually benefit from an iPad Pro.

When they see the features, designed for the digital lifestyle, Phil says the iPad Pro is the ideal replacement. There are now over 1 million apps designed for the iPad Pro.

First there is a Pro display – the same components used in the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. The display is 40% much less reflective compared to iPad Air 2 – lowest reflectivity of any tablet. It’s 25% brighter compared to iPad Air 2 – 500 nits of bright – the brightest table. 25% higher colour saturation. It supports two ‘breakthrough features’ – works along with Night Shift. The second feature is a breakthrough that has actually never appeared on any device before. A ‘True Tone’ display – measures the colour temperature of ambient light and the colours modification to match.

A Pro audio system – four speakers working in a stereo system to adjust automatically the frequencies between highs and lows depending exactly how you hold it. Two times the volume of iPad Air 2.

The A9X chip is inside – 3D Finfet architecture. 12 cores of graphics deliver over half a teraflop of graphics power – much more compared to the Xbox 360.

Modelling, rendering simply fly on the iPad Pro. Good for iOS 9 multitasking features. Includes the M9 coprocessor.

Also supports Hey Siri. Talk to your iPad and ask it to do points for you.

iPad Pro supports Pro accessories – a smart keyboard designed specifically for the 9.7-inch display. And it supports the Apple Pencil, as you’d expect.

New lightning adapters – USB camera adapter and the SD card reader. It is powered – plug in an Ethernet adaptor or a microphone along with the USB adapter.

An advanced camera is additionally built-in – scan documents, see constellations in the night sky, take job photos – most advanced camera – 12 megapixel camera, focus pixels, true tone flash, huge panoramas, live photos, shoot 4K video. additionally a 5 megapixel FaceTime HD camera. The whole display is a Retina flash too.

Apple says it is the most effective upgrade ever for each iPad owner and a excellent upgrade for Windows PC owners.

Four metal finishes – silver, gold, space grey and now rose gold as well.

Great cases and covers in a variety of beautiful colours.

The price? 32GB – US $599. $200 much less compared to the 12.9-inch.

128GB $749.

256GB for US $899 – very first time for 256GB in an iDevice.

Orders on March 24, shipping on March 31.

There is a video now playing.

So, iPad Pro is now in two sizes. iPad Pro $1099 in 256GB configuration as well.

iPad Air 2 – now in $399 US. and iPad mini from $269.

Now Spine to Tim.

whether you already have actually an iPad or it’s time to replace that PC laptop, Tim naturally thinks the iPad Pro is the ultimate upgrade.

In 2017 – Apple will certainly move in to its Brand-new campus, so today’s launch is the last in the Town Hall that saw the iPod and lots of others technologies launch.

And that’s the end of Apple’s keynote! You can easily watch the 1 hour event here – highly recommended!

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