It’s a Magical Monday with ‘ChemCaper’, ‘7 Mages’, ‘Onion Force’, and ‘Paper Wizard’ Out Now – Touch Arcade

It’s Monday of GDC, which means you’re going to hear much regarding games that are in the functions in the future. However interestingly enough, this Monday is actually a notable release day for a couple of interesting indie games that have actually rolled out. Could be that they’re attempting to tempt focus prior to GDC rolls out, or developers are attempting to stand out from the Thursday releases, though even those have actually started popping up at weirder times. Several of the notable games have actually magic as a essential theme, so I’m dubbing this Magical Monday. Anyway, here’s some of the interesting releases to examine out today:


ChemCaper, $7.99 This RPG, set to be the initial in a collection of games, aims to combine a fantasy RPG globe along with edutainment, as the game incorporates elements of chemistry in to its combat and world. It’s an interesting mix of things, particularly as I’d like to see game along with education elements be enjoyable on their own terms as a game. This definitely appears enjoy a bold initiative to do that.

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7 Mages

7 Mages, Free Seven Samurai is obviously a classic, and ripe for adaptation. Exactly how regarding in to a first-individual RPG? That’s just what Napoleon Games is executing below along with 7 Mages. I suppose it’s not the most out there adaptation by far, However for supporters of the underappreciated first-individual RPG genre, this free download costs checking out.

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Paper Wizard

Paper Wizard, Free Chemistry and first-individual RPGs? Once can easily I merely shoot stuff? That’s just what Paper Wizard does, though it keeps up along with the magical theme of the others games releasing today. The paper characters and enemies are a actually cool try to find this game, and the developers are chatting in the forum thread for the game if you have actually any kind of feedback.

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Onion Force

Onion Force, $2.99 This game looked enjoy a actually cool mixture of action games and tower defense, not skimping on the action at all. Frantic action games along with redheaded fairies don’t come along every day. However they do on Magical Monday! Well, if you wish to see if it lives up to the promise, you can easily examine it out right now.

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  • Hoodin

    Been waiting for Onion Force for a while, However this Paper Wizards looks good, too!

  • Sandalfo

    7 mages and paper wizard look actually nice.
    aaaaaaghh also Several games!

  • nini

    Never allow it be said that we don’t focus also heavily on RPGs below at TA.

  • Far_Out

    Paper Wizard is iPhone only? Why?

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