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Google Cast

Google has actually renamed the Chromecast app and it will certainly now be called Google Cast. The rebranding highlights the company’s initiatives in expanding the Cast technology to a wide array of devices.
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Google’s Chromecast app is now called Google Cast. The rebranding is portion of a bid to reflect exactly how the technology functions across various devices.

Adam Champy, product manager at Google, announced the rebranding in a write-up on the Chrome Blog, alongside the introduction of the VIZIO P-Series.

“We’re likewise changing the name of the Chromecast app to Google Cast app, to much better reflect that Google Cast technology is now supported across a wide range of machines such as Chromecast, TVs, displays and speakers. The Google Cast app makes it simple for you to find terrific stuff to watch, discover much more apps, modify backdrop, and more,” says Champy.

The Chromecast dongle is readily available at concerning $35 and the Chromecast app is used for regulating media streaming via the dongle. The device allows streaming of multimedia from mobile machines such as smartphones and tablets to huge TV screens.

“Chromecast is a media streaming device that plugs in to the HDMI port on your TV. Merely usage your mobile device and the TV you currently own to cast your favored TV shows, movies, music, sports, games and more. Chromecast functions along with iPhone®, iPad®, Android phone and tablet, Mac® and Windows® laptop, and Chromebook,” says Google.

The rebranding of the Chromecast app might appear minor, yet it shows Google’s future strategies of the Cast technology. The firm managed to sell concerning twenty million units of the first-gen Chromecast within 2 years, which gained the dongle among the most-popular streaming machines on the market.

In 2015, Google launched the second-generation Chromecast. The firm likewise granted access to the Cast technology to 3rd parties making machines such as speakers, TVs and more.

Champy’s write-up highlights Google’s partnership along with Vizio, a consumer electronics manufacturer. Vizio’s upcoming P-Collection speakers, displays and soundbars will certainly integrate Cast technology. machines in the P-Collection will certainly sustain casting in Ultra HD (up to 4K) and Dolby Vision higher Dynamic Range content for clear and bright colors.

The rebranding of the Chromecast app sends a clear message that the Chromecast dongle is not the just device to incentive from Cast technology. The name modification likewise factors at Google’s initiatives in to obtaining much more Cast partners.

In addition to rebranding of the Chromecast app, Google has actually likewise launched an updated Google Cast website, which offers details of TVs and speakers that sustain Google Cast free of added accessories.

The updated app for iOS and Android will certainly roll out to machines and will certainly be readily available as a free download from the Apple App Save and Google Play Save to the end of this week.

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