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Eagle-eyed Nintendo site Nintendo Inquirer noticed some troubling differences on the English Miitomo web site, namely, every one of mentions of a March release have actually because vanished. Here’s the prior to and after:



Notice exactly how that little “Launching March 2016” bubble is gone? Curious indeed. It’s some rather extreme tea leaf reading, yet is it feasible they’ve adjusted points on the site since Miitomo isn’t launching in March anymore? What’s extra weird if that’s the case is you can easily follow our guide and download Miitomo from the Japanese App Store right now. It’s even fully translated to English.

Nintendo keeps their cards super close to their chest, so we truly don’t have actually any kind of details beyond speculation adore this. But, hey, we’ve been speculating concerning Nintendo stuff on smartphones for years now, so it’s not adore any kind of of this is new!

[via Nintendo Inquirer]

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  • Hoodin

    Either the launch is imminent or delayed… my guess is delayed since there has actually been no word whatsoever because they launched in Japan on the 17th. This is disappointing… and puzzling because Miitomo is done. My guess is it has actually a lot more to do along with MyNintendo accounts compared to Miitomo itself.

  • 김지 킫밸

    I agree Hoodin, it has actually to be concerning the Nintnendo Accounts. I have actually the Japanese translated English Miitomo app and if my Nintendo doesn’t work, after that no app is my guess


    Nintendo has to release Mario 1-3 and donkey kong for iOS and Apple TV. So lots of individuals would certainly buy them. SO MANY!!!

    • curtisrshideler

      I would.

  • GF-REX

    I’m still a believer! Initial up is the video on the Miitomo site which states “late March” after that NOA tweeted on the 18th stating that it is coming this month. So anytime next week! Watch it be Thursday…

    • Kelsop23

      I agree along with you we shouldn’t jump to anything very yet :) there is still a great possibility next Thursday

      • barefootdragon

        I adore the upbeat outlook. I’ll cross my fingers your way. 👍🙃

    • Hoodin

      I’m still cautiously optimistic. It merely appears strange to go from your means to remove the signage if nothing is changing.

  • Alpha E

    I believe that date was only for Japan…I could be wrong though, and in Japan it already had 1million + downloads on the Initial day, and you can easily purchase it from the Japanese ITunes Store in English

    So as far as localization or reception I can’t truly see a necessity as to why Miitomo would certainly be delayed

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      Why would certainly the Japanese release date be on the US Miitomo site?

    • Hoodin

      Date was certainly for na :)

  • timmfox

    Maybe Nintendo need to move to global launches. The globe is Flat and connected.

    • curtisrshideler

      And some individuals believed it was round. They’re the ones that look silly now! 😉

  • JamGela

    It appears to me that they removed the March tag as soon as they added the iOS/Andriod tag at the bottom because it is now released in some countries. So I would certainly guess that it is already submitted to the App Store for release.

  • Scott

    It’s 2016 and they still can’t determine global launches, even if it’s already been localized.

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