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We’ve been following the progress of Extreme Gear ever due to the fact that spotting it for the very first time spine in late January, however today is the day that Zero Games’ Extreme Gear: Demolition Arena [Free] has actually finally arrived in the App Store. If you haven’t been complying with along, Extreme Gear is rather much an homage to old-school Destruction Derby from the PS1 days, something I’ve been hoping for on iOS for a long time. I’ve spent a good chunk of my day along with Extreme Gear, and while it’s surely rough about the edges and has actually plenty of room for improvement, the bottom line is that smashing in to various other cars is fun, and Extreme Gear does a excellent task at letting you do merely that.

Visually, it doesn’t make a excellent very first impression, however crank up the graphics settings in the choices and it becomes a lot better, assuming your device can easily cope with it. My iPhone 6S runs the game flawlessly along with all the bells and whistles turned on, however your mileage could vary. Also, while there are a ton of manage options, there’s no option to move the virtual controls about the screen, and I’ve found myself missing the steering wheel throughout most important minutes much more times compared to I care to mention, which is rather frustrating. Also, there’s actually only one mode, where you smash in to your opponents for points and whoever has actually the most points as quickly as time runs out is the winner. You can easily play this both online along with various other users or versus AI, however this game is in desperate demand of some additional modes, adore Last Man Standing or Tag.

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However, adore I said, Extreme Gear delivers where it actually counts: Making smashy. The driving physics are great, and the damage system is especially good along with all sorts of dynamic stuff that can easily affect your vehicle both visually and physically. I’ve already had tons of real laugh out loud minutes along with either a spectacular crash or crazy pileup of vehicles, making the game worth the rate of admission already. Did I mention the rate of admission is free? Extreme Gear is free to play, and there’s some not-so-excellent stuff going on along with that, however in short if you’re used to typical free to play games you’ll know just what to expect here. It’ll be simpler to suss out Exactly how the pay model affects points after I’ve spent much more time along with the game.

Anyway, Extreme Gear: Demolition Arena is free so if it sounds interesting to you after that by all means download it and check it out for yourself. My name is Boardumb online, perhaps we’ll “run in to each other” HEH. There’s certainly the core of an excellent demolition derby game in Extreme Gear, however it’s not very there in this very first release. It’s a lot of enjoyable though, so I’d suggest giving it a try and dropping by the forum thread to leave your thoughts or gloat regarding destroying somebody online.

  • bossjaja

    The game is enjoyable enough, however holy crap the IAP is from control. $2 to remove ads, however you’re still stuck along with a “fuel gauge” meaning you can easily only play a little bit at a time? “Unlimited fuel” for a day for $5? Why not a “remove all timers and ads permanently” option for $5-10 or something?

    Fun game, however leaves a bad taste along with the IAP, sheesh.

    • VirtualBoyFreak

      Check the game’s thread. It appears they’ll be adding it in the next update.

    • Pierre-Luc Vettier

      Hi Bossjaja. I’m from the game group dev. We know there’s some troubles and we’re working on it. Some improvements regarding IAP will certainly be gained soon and we will certainly include a “unlock the game” IAP in next update. (It need to have actually been in release version however we suffered some issues.)
      And we will certainly Likewise include soon an internal achievement system that will certainly recommendations users to progress through the game faster and succeed much more Cr, XP and Gold along with some funny tasks to do. I chance this could recommendations !

      • rezn

        That’s some good news for sure.

  • Danté Mariani

    Wow destruction derby was one of very first games I got for PlayStation 1. Likewise got the sequel as quickly as it came out!

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