Counterfeit Macbook charger teardown – OS News


What’s inside a counterfeit Macbook charger? After my Macbook charger teardown, a reader sent out me a charger he suspected was counterfeit. From the outside, this charger is practically a ideal suit when it come to an Apple charger, yet disassembling the charger presents that it is rather various on the subject of the inside. It has actually a a lot much easier create that does not have high quality has of the real charger, and has actually severe protection defects.

Interesting article, after that a lot enjoy his teardown of a actual MacBook charger, packed along with appealing information. It additionally comes along with a warning: do not usage counterfeit chargers. You might conserve a couple of euros, yet it could possibly conveniently expenditure you even more compared to that if points go bad.

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