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Apple’s next event is happening Monday, March 21st, as quickly as we’re expecting it to unveil a brand-new iPhone, a brand-new iPad, and most likely a bit more.

The announcements are shaping up to be a sequel to those made at Apple’s last event, held 6 months ago. There, Apple announced the iPhone 6S, iPad Pro, an expansion of Apple Watch designs, and updates to iOS. This month, picture all of that repeated, however smaller. The current speculation is that Apple is about to unveil a brand-new 4-inch iPhone, a smaller sized iPad Pro, and additional Watch bands. It might even use this as a possibility to launch an update to iOS 9.

As always, The Verge will certainly be reporting live from Cupertino. For now, you can easily catch up on exactly exactly what to expect below.

A smaller sized iPhone

Big phones could be in, however Apple isn’t done making smaller sized ones. Multiple analysts and news outlets have actually reported that Apple has actually been at job on a brand-new 4-inch iPhone, its initial since the iPhone 5S in 2013. 9to5Mac reports that it’ll be named the iPhone SE (very compared to 5SE or 6C, as was rumored last year.)

Despite the smaller sized size, this isn’t going to be a cheap, low-end device. (Not that Apple ever really does cheap.) The brand-new 4-inch iPhone is essentially going to be a mixture of the iPhone 6 and 6S however in a physique resembling an iPhone 5. That means potential buyers won’t have actually to worry about sacrificing power by choosing a significantly out-of-date phone.

The iPhone SE will certainly have actually an A9 processor, simply like he iPhone 6S does, according to Bloomberg. And according to 9to5Mac, it’ll have actually the 8-megapixel rear camera and 1.2-megapixel front-facing camera of the iPhone 6. It’s likewise reported to include a Touch ID fingerprint sensor and NFC so it can easily be used for Apple Pay. Only one major feature is believed to be missing: 3D Touch, which appears to be staying exclusive to the 6S and 6S Plus for now.

Apple is expected to slightly update its 4-inch iPhone design to make it look a bit much more like the 6 and 6S. Mainly, that’ll mean having glass that curves ever so slightly at the edges, making the rounded look you see on the 6 and 6S’s front. Otherwise, it’s believed to look similar to the 5 and 5S, which isn’t exactly a bad thing — arguably, they’re much more stylish phones compared to the 6 and 6S. The iPhone SE is reported to come in Apple’s full range of colors: gray, silver, gold, and rose gold.

One remaining question is the iPhone SE’s price. 9to5Mac believes it’ll take the iPhone 5S’s slot at the bottom of Apple’s phone lineup, selling for $450 (or about $18.75 per month on a two-year payment plan.) Of course, it’s feasible that Apple will certainly introduce the SE above the 5S, selling it alongside the iPhone 6 as an equivalent option for a person that simply wants a smaller sized phone. It sounds like it’ll have actually the same — and in some cases much better — specs, after all.

A smaller sized iPad Pro

What’s next for the iPad Air? We may still have actually to wait to discover out. While Apple is expected to introduce a brand-new 9.7-inch iPad this month, 9to5Mac reports that it may go under the iPad Pro name, very compared to being positioned as the next step in the Air line.

Being portion of the Pro line means having features that set the Pro line apart. 9to5Mac reports that, like the 12.9-inch Pro unveiled last year, this brand-new 9.7-inch model will certainly have actually four speakers, stylus support, additional RAM and a faster processor, and be available in a 128GB storage capacity. And then there’s the really key difference: it’s reported to have actually a connector on its adverse for attaching a keyboard case, which is a big portion of exactly what lets the iPad Pro transform in to much more compared to a standard iPad.

That means, one means or another, we’re expecting to see a even more powerful 9.7-inch iPad compared to exactly what Apple currently has actually on sale. It likewise means some interesting points for the Air line, ought to Apple really launch this one under the Pro name: it cements a clear division between Apple’s high-end and low-end tablets, much like it’s long had along with laptops; that means we’ll eventually start to see much more differentiation between the two, along with the Pro line receiving much more powerful processors and features, while the Air line remains much more affordable.

New Apple Watch bands

It’s been almost a year since the Apple Watch launched, however it sounds like we’re going to have actually to wait a little bit longer for a brand-new one. TechCrunch reports that an updated Watch isn’t coming yet — though there may still be some news.

What could be announced are brand-new Watch bands. 9to5Mac reports that Apple plans to prove to brand-new color options, and potentially bands made from brand-new components or in partnership along with additional high-fashion brands, as it did along with Hermès. One feasible inclusion? A black version of the Milanese Loop to fulfill the Space Black Watch.

Alongside the brand-new bands, Apple could release a small update to watchOS, version 2.2, to coincide along with the event. It includes a tweaked version of Apple Maps and the ability to use multiple Watches along with a single iPhone, in case, for whatever reason, you own much more compared to one of them.

A full Apple Watch update is now tentatively expected for September, even though that’s hardly certain. We’re yet to see how often Apple plans to update the Watch; it may not Grab refreshed on the same annual cycle that most of its products do. as quickly as it does Grab updated, the going rumor is that it’ll Grab a FaceTime camera.

Maybe an iOS update

Apple doesn’t usually do this, however it took some time in January to preview a mid-cycle update to iOS. This event may coincide along with it going live.

iOS 9.3 isn’t a “major” update to iOS, however it does have a few big features. They include a toggle that changes your iPhone’s or iPad’s display to use colors that are much easier on your eyes at night, the ability to produce notes locked away by Touch ID, and some improved Apple News recommendations.

Few individuals will certainly have the ability to use the crucial changes in iOS 9.3. Apple is adding a collection of education features, including the ability to produce profiles for multiple students on a single iPad, tools for managing a iPads across a school, and the ability for teachers to launch personal apps and websites on a classroom of iPads and check in on each student to see that they’re following along. It’s a key launch for Apple, which should keep boosting the iPad experience to take on Chromebooks and Windows in schools.

Though there have actually been no personal reports saying that iOS 9.3 is as a result of launch on or around the 21st, it’s most likely that a release will certainly come soon. Apple will certainly probably want to have actually iOS 9.3 fully released by the time its early June developer event rolls around; given that it’s launching two brand brand-new iOS devices, now could be the moment to Grab it out the door.

And some encryption talk

You’ve probably heard by now that Apple is in a huge battle along with the US government over whether it ought to have actually to break in to an encrypted iPhone to retrieve data belonging to a terrorist. The next hearing for that case is scheduled for March 22nd, the day after Apple’s event.

Apple has actually spoken to the public rather a bit over the past few weeks as it tries to clarify its placement on encryption and public safety. Even so, it’s hard to imagine Tim Cook overlooking an opportunity to speak directly to the press, and lots of Others viewers, about his company’s ongoing battle. Even if Cook doesn’t say much more compared to he’s previously said, this is a key opportunity to Grab Apple’s voice out ahead of the case’s next development.

But (probably) no MacBooks or OS X

So there’s going to be plenty of mobile talk, however exactly what about the desktop? OS X updates will certainly almost surely have actually to wait until Apple’s developer conference in June, where it typically previews the year’s release.

The MacBook situation is a lot much less clear. All three of Apple’s laptops — the MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro — are due for an upgrade. We’ll almost surely see some of them refreshed in the next few months. however how soon that happens depends, in part, on processor availability. Intel’s brand-new processors are out there, so it’s feasible that we’ll see something this month. however so far, there hasn’t been much noise pointing in that direction. It sounds like we’ll be waiting on those, too.

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