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Apple earned the somewhat surprising announcement at its special press event on Monday that its Apple Watch is becoming a bit much more affordable.

The tech giant


touted its Apple Watch is now on sale for $299, a $50 rate reduce compared to the $349 beginning rate the device was readily available for last year as soon as it launches. It’s the initial time Apple has actually dropped the rate for its connected smartwatch.

In addition to a rate cut, as expected, Apple showcased some brand-new watchbands for the device, including a woven nylon choice readily available in four colors. Apple added a room black version of its Milanese Loop will certainly likewise make its method to the Apple Watch on leading of brand-new sport and leather watch bands.

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Apple held its special press event on March 21 at its headquarters in Cupertino, Calif. The business hinted that watchbands could make a showing at the event in coyly naming the show, “allow us loop you in.” Several Apple rumor sites likewise suggested that the business had been preparation to debut brand-new wristbands at the event Along with leaks earlier this year suggesting the iPhone maker was functioning on much more accessories for its wearable.

CEO Tim Cook justified his company’s decision to launch brand-new wristbands, saying that “concerning a 3rd of our Apple Watch wearers continuously modification their bands.”

Still, Cook wouldn’t give the solitary data point that lots of Apple investors and analysts have actually been wishing to hear: exactly how lots of wearables the business has actually in fact sold. While a lot of industry analysts agree that the Apple Watch is the a lot of popular smartwatch in the world, Apple has actually said that it won’t announce its sales figures. Cook and others have actually argued that performing so would certainly insight competitors.

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Nevertheless, Cook would certainly just state that Apple Watch owners “love” the device and have actually come to be a section of their everyday lives.

Apple’s decision to reduce the rate on its Apple Watch, however, calls in to question merely exactly how well the Apple Watch is doing. rate cuts are normally employed to raise sales. While it’s unknown exactly how lots of Apple Watch units have actually sold, several serious retailers, including Target


, have actually been selling the Apple Watch at a beginning rate of $299 for months. It’s feasible that’s been a reaction to slowing sales or merely an attempt to garner some focus in the crowded field of retailers currently selling the wearable. Whether Apple’s rate reduce is an initiative to develop requirement or merely catch up to its retail partners is unknown.

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Regardless, the brand-new lowest-end Apple Watch Sport is readily available now for $299 on Apple’s website and in stores. The company’s online save has actually likewise added several brand-new Apple Watch models featuring the brand-new wristbands.

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