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Apple to launch MacBook Pro, MacBook; No Update On MacBook Air

Last year in March, it was anticipated that Apple will certainly consist of Retina display in MacBook Air, yet it didn’t. Instead, a brand-brand-new MacBook line that has actually super-thin, super-light and high-resolution was introduced. This has actually left questions on the subject of our thoughts whether Apple will certainly ever upgrade MacBook Air along with retina display in the future.

Since Apple’s launch occasion is simply 2 days away, there are no tips in the invites suggesting MacBook-related announcements. Macworld is of the opinion that Apple is attempting to play down expectations on the subject of the Mac front.

Apple followers are expecting that the brand-new MacBook Air 2015 would certainly have actually Retina display throughout the launch at Apple’s Spring Ahead event, which was offered on the subject of Mar. 9 last year. It came as a shock as quickly as it launched a Retina MacBook along with a 12-inch display and USB-C port, in this way introducing a brand-new line of Apple’s MacBook laptop.

However, the Cupertino-based business performed refresh the MacBook Air 2015 at the occasion last year. It owned a brand-new quicker processor, quicker flash storage and much better graphics, yet no retina display. Moreover, the screen and general make likewise remained the same.

Rumors regarding MacBook Pro 2016 specs are making rounds on the subject of the internet With fairly some time. The device is claimed to have actually Intel’s Skylake processor and the El Capitan operating system, notes Mobipicker. It is still not particular that MacBook Air 2016 would certainly make its presence at the event.

According to MacWorld, Apple is preparing to switch out the MacBook Air along with the brand-new MacBook i.e. Retina Macbook. However, there’s still a opportunity that MacBook Air 2016 can have actually an upgrade to the Retina display as quickly as it will certainly be refreshed this year.

Apart from MacBook, the occasion on the subject of Mar. 21 will certainly witness the launch of iPad Air 3, iPhone 5SE and Apple Watch.

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