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Apple posts 3 exclusive ‘environmental’ iPhone and iPad wallpapers on the subject of its website

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As section of Apple’s Restore program, where the Business is encouraging people to recycle their old Machines to guidance the environment, Apple has actually posted some exclusive environmental wallpaper to download on the subject of its website. The URL ( is provided out on the subject of cards in Apple Stores to people that recycle their old device in store, as a small gesture of appreciation.

However, the URL is open to anybody to visit and download some cute, exclusive, iOS 9 wallpaper that isn’t included in the default list of iOS wallpaper …

There are 3 exclusive iOS 9 wallpapers in total, developed by graphic artist Anthony Burrill. The blurb says every wallpaper is ‘motivated by attributes and people coming with each other to guidance the planet’.

There are 3 wallpapers in total, called attributes in Balance, attributes In Harmony, and attributes In Us. every one is an abstract representation of ecology and people in harmony, using a bright vibrant green and blue color palette.

For example, the attributes In Balance wallpaper features an abstract representation of people and trees in balance on the subject of a specified of scales.

AB_nature-in-balance-iphone6-6s AB_nature-in-harmony-iphone6-6s AB_nature-in-us-iphone6-6s

We’ve embedded the shots in this gallery yet if you hope to usage them for your very own devices, download them from the Apple website to grab full-resolution imagery.

The wallpaper is readily available in proper dimensions for iPad mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPhone 5 (compatible along with the brand brand-new iPhone SE), and iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Apple recommends visiting the website on the subject of the mobile device and saving them to the photo library via the Discuss Sheet.

Maybe in future Apple will certainly ship these exclusive wallpapers as section of iOS 9 or iOS 10. Despite a great deal of brand-new features, iOS 9.3 was notably lacking in the brand-new stock wallpaper department.

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