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March 20, 2016 12:34 p.m. ET

Famously picky regarding design, it may appear strange for Apple to stick a brand-new chip in to an old iPhone. Yet the firm has actually some excellent reasons to do so—a billion of them, in fact.

That is the lot of machines Apple counts as its “energetic installed base.” These are Apple products the firm said in late January that had been actively used along with its programs in the previous 90 days. That disclosure was part of a concerted effort to highlight Apple’s programs business. Not coincidentally, this could be among its couple of segments to in fact prolong in the latest fiscal year.

That is a practical light in which to see Apple’s coming event on Monday. In exactly what will certainly be a low-crucial occasion compared along with its regular fetes, Apple is expected to introduce a brand-new iPhone.

This is anticipated to be nearly identical in design to its 2½-year-old 5s model, Yet along with a a lot faster processor. Others rumors contain a smaller sized version of its iPad Pro and brand-new accessories for the Apple Watch. Ostensibly, a juiced-up iPhone 5s need to appeal to those that like a smaller sized screen, too as much more price-conscious buyers still hesitant to commit several hundred dollars to dated technology.

But such a phone additionally is a much more attractive funnel for content, apps and services. Demanding games, for instance, run finest on Apple’s current processors. The brand-new iPhone additionally is expected to be enabled along with Apple Pay, which isn’t readily available on the latest 5s. programs are big firm for Apple. And they are obtaining bigger.

Apple generated merely under $twenty billion in revenue from programs for the fiscal year ended Sept. 26. Analysts anticipate that to rise 18% this year. Apple says purchases tied to its installed base in fact flower 23% in its recent fiscal year. That number reflects gross sales of apps and content prior to the section the firm remits to developers and content owners. Rod Hall of J.P. Morgan


estimates that 58% of Apple’s programs revenue comes from content in the iTunes store, while an additional 26% comes from apps.

But programs still will certainly account for just regarding 10% of revenue this year. So they can’t fully offset weakness in the iPhone, iPad and Mac businesses, all which are expected to notice a decline in unit sales this year. That will certainly weigh on Apple’s best line, which is expected to decline regarding 2% from the prior year, analysts estimate.

The brand-new machines being revealed this week could enhance that slightly. Today’s Apple is a big firm still making the majority of of its your hard earned cash from selling hardware in a maturing market. So finding brand-new means to prolong programs aids diversify things.

In that sense, Apple’s brand-new usage of an old design isn’t merely a case of the tech giant merely phoning it in.

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