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  • The Apple logo is seen behind a pair of Apple iPad Pros on display in San Francisco, California, Sept. 9, 2015.

The Apple logo is seen behind a pair of Apple iPad Pros on display in San Francisco, California, Sept. 9, 2015. (Photo : Reuters)

As reports emerged that Apple has actually moved its scheduled event from March 15 to 21, speculations further spike on the real product and services that the tech giant strategies to unveil. Apple watchers are convinced that the upcoming event will certainly unpack the 4-inch iPhone 5SE, the iPad Air 3, some updates on the Apple Watch and a feasible wild card revelation – the MacBook Pro and Air models to rollout this 2016. 

But first, it is nearly confirmed that the March 15 brand-new briefing is a no-go. Instead, Apple supporters can easily simply mark their calendars on the 21st as claimed by Re/code in a report. The publication said that the rescheduled event will certainly observe usually toned-down presentations, much removed from the usual fanfare that attends the company’s annual iPhone introduction.

No necessity was provided for the delay though rumors are circulating that Apple got a little tied up along with its tussle along with the FBI.

iPhone 5SE or merely iPhone SE

As for the equipments that will certainly observe the light of the day next month, the most up to date update from 9to5Mac indicates that a 4-inch iPhone remains of the concentration of the March event and the device is a lot of certainly sending the iPhone 5S to retirement. However, the handset will certainly be merely called iPhone SE rather than the iPhone 5SE label earlier reported.

“It would certainly make sense for Apple to placement this device as merely the SE. Sources point out that the dropping of the 5 from the name likewise simplifies the iPhone lineup as bringing spine an iPhone 5 variant amid the iPhone 6 lifecycle could potentially confuse customers,” the report said.

Next iPhone specs and pricing

But the smallest of the brand-new iPhones is packed along with rich features and powerful specs that the 4-inch device is nearly a clone of the iPhone 6S in terms of inside specifications. According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-chi Kuo, the iPhone SE will certainly unbox boasting a lot of of the specs and features very first seen along with its immediate predecessor spare for 3D Touch.

Kuo, per a brand-new report from MacRumors, claimed that the iPhone SE will certainly lure its electricity from A9 processing chip, feature NFC-enabled Apple Pay, a 1642mAh battery pack, 16GB or 64GB storage choices and a main camera that shoots along with 12-megapixel sensor. While the SE form-factor will certainly mostly remind of the iPhone 5S, “the display is said to have actually slightly curved 2.5D glass love the iPhone 6 and newer,” the report said.

Yet the a lot of welcome news given by Kuo is the likelihood that also as the iPhone SE is a fresher and much more powerful group compared to the iPhone 5S, the latter will certainly sell at a greatly cheaper sticker price. The next iPhone will certainly retail beginning at about $225, MacRumors said, which represents a 50% fee off from the most up to date iPhone 5SE fee tag of $450.

Any MacBook Pro or Air uncloaking?

As for the MacBook 2016 models, speculations are rife that Apple strategies to push out brand-new Pro and Air models as early as June 2016 or coinciding along with the WWDC 2016, which aligns along with a recent report by DigiTimes from Taiwan that mass production of the OS X 10.12-powered notebooks will certainly commence in between March and April 2016.

Rumored to run on Intel Skylake, the upcoming batch of MacBook Pros and Airs are touted to start rolling out prior to June, which somehow indicates that prior to the real launch date of the brand-new machines, reported to launch in 12-inch, 13.3-inch and 15-inch configurations, Apple will certainly make them public. And the March 21 event supplies the very best feasible timing for such move.



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